Mahinda Panagoda Funeral Directors was inaugurated in 2000 with all Funeral services to cater the clients under one roof from basic funeral to Funeral Parlours for even sheds, chairs, to funeral pyres.The head office located at 400D, New Kandy Road, Talangama, only 3 ½ km away from Jayawardhanapura New Parliament. We provide high quality service under the management (chairman ship) of Mahinda Panagoda who was a practising Embalmer & Funeral Director in U.K in 1990 – 1992 – Northampton and in 1998 in Salisbury, U.K. The M.D of the business is Mrs. Radanika Panagoda who is the owner of “Everlasting Flowers” Fresh and artificial flower shop which grooms the flower arrangement side for the funeral service. The business consists of Three Sections as ;

  • Funeral business.
  • Sheds, chairs hiring section.
  • Hearses & chemical importing business from U.K, Australia & Japan. For local funeral firms.

The business is already among top leading funeral firms in Colombo & won a name for “Excellent service for affordable prices” under the supervision of British experienced Funeral Director & Embalmer, with modern fleet of hearses.


We provide for following services at highly competitive level

Complete 24 hour Funeral Service from caskets, hearses, sheds, chairs, to Traditional Funeral Pyres. Local and foreign Funeral arrangements with Export & Import Human remains.

The latest fleet of Hearses as we are the main importer of Hearses from U.K, Australia & Japan to the Local Funeral firms in Sri Lanka.

The 6500Sqft funeral premises including of funeral parlours. Most of all we are well organized funeral firm with qualified staff who give the dedicated & reliable service in 24 hours under the management & advise of chairman who has over 15 years contacts with Funeral Directors, Hearse manufacturers chemical suppliers & Embalmers in U.K, Australia & U.S.A

Funeral Pyres

Funeral Directors Section

  • Caskets & Complete Funeral Service
  • Embalming, Funeral Pyres, Wreaths
  • Tusks, Carpets & Lowering Device
  • Funeral Coaches including, Ransivige
  • Funeral Parlor Complex


Funeral Pre-Payment Scheme

  • Payment to Suit each Client’s Requirements.
  • No: 410, Athurugiriya Road, Malabe, Sri Lanka.
  • Tel : 011 4 40 50 68 / 071-4732515
  • Hot Line : 071-2732515

Mahinda Panagoda & Company Directors Profiles

mr    mrs

Mr.Mahinda Panagoda                                                                                                                  Mrs.Radanika Panagoda

Director                                                                                                                                             Director